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Block Boards is manufactured with carefully selected veneers and properly seasoned wood, board is manufactured from wooden batons, which are seasoned under controlled temperature and humidity. These wooden batons are taken out from wooden planks, which are firstly seasoned in seasoning chamber. Then these batons are assembled in such a way that no gap is left between two adjoining batons. After that this board is bonded with resin of superior quality (B.W.R. and M.R.) manufactured at our resin plant and pressed under accurate pressure and temperature.
These boards are treated with special type of preservative so that they have high degree of resistance to borer, terminate and other wood-destroying organism.   boards bare high mechanical strength i.e. high modulus of rupture and modulus of elasticity.
MR(MadeByMUFResin), BWR (Made By PF Resin)
8x4, 8x3, 7x4, 7x3, 6x4, 6x3, 6x2.5
Furniture, Shutter, Partitions, Shelves, Cupboards, Kitchens, Stalls And Interior Decoration.

Salient Features Of Standard Block Boards

1. Anti warp :
Seasonal batons and seasoned veneer are used in composition of Standard block board, which makes It, warp free.
2. Easy to work on with hand tools :
On Standard boards it is very easy to work with hand tools.
3. Anti Termite and anti borer :
Standard block boards are chemically treated with special type of preservative, which makes it anti Termite and Anti Borer.
4. Smooth surface finishing :
Standard block board has smooth surface finishing. so it gives good bonding with Laminates.
5. Load Bearing Capacity :
Standard block boards are regularly tested in laboratory. It has high value of M.O.E. and M.O.R. so its load bearing capacity is high.
6. Boiling Water Resistant (B.W.R. Grade) :
Standard block boards are boiling water resistant. It is perfect choice for exterior grade applications.

Technical Data

Modulus Of Elasticity (M.O.E.)48N/SqMM
Modulus Of Rupture (M.O.R.) 4750N/SqMM
Moisture Content 8-10%
Water Resistant High


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