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Plywood is without doubt one of the most important building materials. It has in so many ways revolutionized the building industry and has, in the process, become the most widely used of all man-made boards. It has also greatly increased man’s efficiency in utilizing timber resources, allowing the combination various grades of wood to produce large composite panels of superior strength.
“APEX DOORS” Doors produces a wide variety of plywood products that conform to rigorous international industrial standards. In addition to commercial plywood, Doors also produce a range of specialty products like container flooring, marine plywood and flexible plywood.


“APEX DOORS”   Plywood is constructed with quality veneers of uniform thickness, which are with carefully prepared synthetic resin [P. F / M.U.F.] and pressured under controlled temperature & pressure. So the main constituents of Plywood are

Core Veneer
Face Veneer

Resin : Being a chief constituent of Plywood, company is making the resin in factory it- self glue kettles are already installed in the factory. Experienced and qualified staff is working on it. Firstly the raw material inspected and tested in laboratory and then it is forwarded to glue kettle. After making the glue it is tested in the laboratory according to testing scheme of BIS.
Mainly two types of resins are used
1. M.U.F [ Melamine Urea Formaldehyde for MR grade ]
2. P.F. [ Phenol Formaldehyde for BWR grade ]

Core Veneer : Core Veneer is second main constituent. Uniform thickness and defect free Core Veneer is required for good adhesion and strength. The company purchases timber of good quality so that the Core Veneer of required quality is taken out. These Core Veneers are forwarded to dryer for seasoning.

Face Veneer : Face Veneers should be of uniform thickness and defect free. The company has employed an experienced staff for grading of Face Veneer.
Technical Data
Density (KG/sqM)
Glue Shear Strength (N)
1400-1500 (Dry State)
1100-1200 (Wet State)
1100- 1200(Mycological)
1100-1200 (Dry State)
900-1000(Wet State)
Moisture Content


Adhesion Of Plies


Water Resistant
In Boiling Water
Moisture Resistant
Ship Cabins, Railway Coaches, Furniture, Wall Panelling, partitions, Ceiling, Interior Decoration.

Standard Thickness [ MM ]

4 , 6 , 12 , 15 , 16 , 18 , 19 , 25.

Standard Sizes [ Ft. ]

8x4 , 8x3 , 7x4 , 7x3 , 6x4 , 6x3 , 6x2.5

Salient Features of Standard Plywood

1. Warp Free : Standard Plywood is warp free Plywood because it is made from seasoned Core Veneers under controlled temperature & pressure.

2. Termite proof, Borer free : Standard Plywood is chemically treated with special type of preservatives to repel attacks by Termites and Fungus.

3. Superior Screw Holding Capacity : Standard Plywood has superb grip on screws and nails. Their solidity also makes easier to drill using ordinary working tools.

4. 100% Boiling Water Resistant : standard Plywood is 100% boiling water resistant, if you put standard P.F. Plywood in boiling water up to 72 hours it will not delaminate. Because it is made by well formulated Phenol formaldehyde Resin.


Film Poof Shuttering Plywood

Quality is the main criteria where our products excel. We produce extremely durable product, which can give more than 10 repetitions for one side. Our densified Film Faced shuttering plywood has just hit the market but we have realized that many people do not now the finer points.

Film Faced Production is sensitive and sophisticated work. Anybody and everybody cannot produce the right quality. Good skilled manpower and infrastructure is important for quality DFFSP manufacturing. Market is growing at a faster pace than expected.
It should be manufacture from selected veneers, of hard wood timbers or dense species glued with specially manufacture Phenolic Resin. The complete process of manufacturing veneers, resins and densified plates can be done only in a well-equipped plant for achieving the desired quality products.

Unlike other type of Ordinary Densified Shuttering plywood available in the market High Density Shuttering Plywood(SHDSP) is manufacturing with a special resin Treatment process where in the retention of resin is 300% more than ordinary densified shuttering plywood. SHDSP dose not absorb the water from the ready mix concrete there by retaining the ratio of water calculated for optimum strength and the life of concrete. Ordinary Densified plywood absorbs substantial quality of water there by disturbing the composition of the ready mix concrete. The improved mechanical properties and hardness of SHDSP further ensure substantially more number of reuses and the superior finish of the concrete surface. SHDSP has superior nailing, screw holding properties and load bearing capacity, which results in longer life and superior performance for concrete shuttering applications.
APEX DOORS Densified Film Faced Plywood is bonded with BWP type Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic resin and has phenolic film on both sides. The Phenolic Film is bonded under controlled conditions of temperature and pressure. It is a protection against severe conditions of exposure and chemical action of the concrete. Sheets are fully edge sealed to prevent penetration of moisture. It gives more even finish to the concrete and ensures maximum reuses. using impregnation method, swelling and shrinking of wood veneer is reduced to 30%. It is resistant to decay and termites.
Market is demanding very positively, demand in the country and the export, both are growing fast. there are many Indian construction companies who are working in Gulf countries hence the export of the film face is looking up due to their demand.
The growing economy and rise in construction activities have opened more avenues for use of plywood panels in construction and concrete frame work. Not only big buildings, malls, societies, and even small contractors are using the Film Face is looking up due to their demand.

Standard Doors came to the subject to make everybody aware about the product and related facts


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